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Our payday loan process is bascially 3 easy steps.

1. First you fill out the online application. If you perfer you can call for a telephone application or come by a store near you. Once your application is filled out along with any other forms we will contact you by telephone or email and let you know you approval status. At this time we may request a copy of your most recent bank statement and latest payroll stub.

2. Once approved we will get you the money you need by your choice of cash, prepaid credit card, or credit your bank account.

3. At the due date of your loan, which will be on your next payday over 14 days away you have three payment options. We can debit your bank account, you can bring us cash, or you can pay by debit/credit card.

After you have paid your account you are always welcome to borrow more money. Just sign in online under your account or come by one of our locations and see us.

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